What to do when you have the flu.

Landmarks to guide your research, and why millennials are so pissy.


First off, drink water like you’re trying to pass a drug test.

Secondly, avoid sugars and grains(which contain glucose), as their properties inhibit your immune system.

Third, maintain a consistent intake of vitamin C.

Pre-one: keep your vitamin D up! Around 1/3 of some population that was studied had a deficiency in vitamin D, which is responsible for your immune system health, and is primarily attained through UVB exposure. I.e. Direct Sunlight, specific tanning beds, vitamin D supplements. Apparently you can’t get the necessary amount of Vit. D from food alone, so get the skin under the sunlight!


Now for the substance.


Isn’t it counterproductive to take a generation of self-absorbed psychopaths who still think they’re going to change the world and put them all into one category?

Keeping it brief.

It’s short, you can spare 30 seconds 🙂

To appease the eight-second attention spans, I’ll try to keep these cursory. For now.

There once lived a white boy named Bruce. He thought of himself tough as spruce. In part from his parents, but also from merits, which his teachers had no right to diffuse.

He often did things that were wrong. He felt days going by extra long. Not once did his friendships bring to his attention, that spruce isn’t really that strong.

He wanted to help everyone. But he never knew how it was done. From robbing old ladies, to stealing Mercedes, his life had revolved around fun.

One day he went to an extreme. He posted a terrible meme. It caused quite an uproar, and the victim cried “no more” and ended their life in a stream.

Does this sound like a real story? 

Whatkind of meme/life situation would someone have to be in to come to such an end? 

Who was the lesser person; the one who carelessly aggressed via impersonal media, or the one who heedlessly disposed of their own life?

What determines the worth of a human being?